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Easter break was a blast

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Oh man Happy Belated Easter, Fun And more fun to top it off,baked the night before so once the sun started to come up I'd be up and in the kitchen as Friend of my husband and I's R getting together for a BBQ Steak, fried Chix,burgers Plus beer beer and more beer. The day went great food was amazing and I dint over drink.

February,'s trip

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Hey, What a month that turned out to be,I'm so happy to be back home,but like a little baby I start missing my family.My weekend started off with the delightful welcoming, to crying, teasing & laughing and lots of chatting and a little yelling, but the time I spent with my family, I'm so glad I did,Oh as for my Birthday my mom took my sis & I to a french restaurant OMG the coffee was delicious as well as the sausage yum happy b-day to me. Hope everyone enjoyed the updates, Now that I'm back I have lots of photos to be taking, people to see and places to go.xxxxx as I'm so Thrilled to see my handsome husband with a hug smile on his face Oh how I've missed him and once we got home an seen how much my little girl has grown it was like she wasn't a little puppy anymore:(
Wow But was she happy to see me:%


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VittoriaLuNelle Vittoria
Can't get enough....Tits,Ass or just the fact u keep on cumming with a smile on your face VITTORIA @

Shooting as many sets as I can, Going out of town for a few weeks for my b-day. Mom and the family R so excited to see me and i sure can't wait to spend time with them. We have so many amazing things planned,plus and Over all of these years new addition to the family. well I have so much to do and so many hours to do them in before I leave. xxxx

Burnt to the crisp. :(

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Easy In a hurry, Pizza Great! Went to the store picked up some take & bake, got two, Thank goodness I did get two cuz i burnt one to a crisp. one of the two pies r enjoyable. hey, at least the buffalo/chix was Awesome. Got lost of Laundry done so Glad that out the way, well New movie from Netflix "Date Nite" so Nite Nite :) xoxo

Awesome start to the new yr.

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Almost two weeks into the new year and already so many wonderful things r happening and are about to happen,& I'm so excited. Childhood friends, That i lost in touch with over the years, but we always seem to find each other Are moving near me. Yeah xxxx What's next, what do u have to share with me new year???????? I'm just hoping it's going to be as or even more wonderful. xoxo Vittoria@TH

Happy New Years

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Tequila New years, Yep A group of friends r getting together.BEEEEEEEEER all night & A shot every hour, A night full of non- stop fun of striped poker,booty shaking, ass slapping,music bumping,until we all Drop Happy 2011 V

Have a safe one !

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|The Santa Truck |”"”;..,___.
|……_______===| _|__|…, ] | )) ***Ho Ho***

Excited X-Mas is Hours away, I'm still blown away on how time has flown by so fast or have I aloud time to pass so quickly? I have a huge feeling next year is is going be the Sh** Even more incredible Can't wait! Come on 2011 show me something new, teach me something New, It's time to celebrate how fare u have come and who u will be come now! Party babe Party Hard, Rough, anyway u wish but please be safe& careful & your sweet self i know u love being Happy oh so merry Christmas Love Vittoria.

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